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The Inception

HK Infoware Limited evolved from a family business founded in 1987 by Mr. P. K. Panicker, an innovative entrepreneur in Kolkata with a vision to ride the wave of modernization that began in India then. His background and long experience in marketing of electronic products helped him to come up with a unique electronic product for the banking sector – BANCAL: a chip-based banking automation product which achieved

more than 1 lakh installations in all leading banks of India, including SBI, BOB, UBI, Allahabad Bank, UCO Bank and many more. This was launched before organized computing happened in India and it was hailed as a remarkable achievement during that time.

Mr. P. K. Panicker

Later, he introduced another innovative solution to the banking sector – Banksoft: a powerful, stable and scalable software for total branch automation (TBA) solution. This was in much demand in the banking sector till the core banking started in 2007. All in all, it achieved 4000 installations across the length and breadth of the country.

His innovation, hard work and dedication ushered the company into the age of Information Technology in India.

Mr. Harish Krishnan

Going Forward

In 2016, the leadership role of HK Infoware was taken over by Mr. Harish Krishnan as the Director of the company.

Harish brings one & half decades of hands-on experience in identifying new opportunities, developing business strategy & Provides Organization strategic road map to attain Business Success.

At present HKIL ushers forward with its two software products - Tulip deskTM & HKStarTM, which efficiently meet the demands of the EDtech and the Hospitality industries respectively.

hk star

a Windows-based desktop application for small and medium-scale hotels and restaurants.

tumip desk

a cloud-based web application with mobile app, virtual classes and online examination for educational institutions.


The Strength

Our strength lies in our skilled and experienced professionals who are hard-working & innovative. We have some of the best talents in the IT industry with us who are driven by passion, dedication and teamwork, and are ready to take up challenges and deliver on time.

Over the past three and a half decades of our legacy in the business, we have empowered ourselves by concentrating on Research & Development and Skill Inventory. We have made sizeable investment in technology up-gradation, acquisition of latest project management techniques and building competence across platforms like Microsoft and Open Source technologies. This in turn has enriched our knowledge bank and expanded our services and products portfolio by manyfold.


Project Types

With Software Development as core strength of our team, we have successfully executed many software application development projects over the past 34 years in various industrial sectors.

These projects include software products as well as customized solutions for various clients in the following sectors:

  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • e-Governance
  • Banking

History Timeline

Over the years of steady growth, HK Infoware Limited (HKIL) has not limited its portfolio to only in-house developed products and solutions. It has tactfully combined its three decades of experience in IT Industry and high level of technical expertise with other solution providers, forming strong and mutually beneficial alliances. A at-a-glance view of our Journey till today.


Inception of Company.
The company was founded as H. K. Industries by Mr. P. K. Panicker, an entrepreneur from Kolkata.


Launch of BANCAL
A chip based electronic calculator for automating and streamlining banking process.


Change of status
H. K. Industries’ status was upgraded to a private limited company.


Launch of Banksoft
A software solution for total branch automation (TBA) of banks to achieve real time data processing and fast customer service.


Microsoft Certificate
The company became a Microsoft Certified solutions provider based on various Microsoft products.


Banksoft(TBA) Implementation
Achieved an important milestone for implementing flagship product Banksoft (TBA) in Allahabad bank from Jammu to Kanyakumari. View Testimonial


Company re-christened and goes public
It was made a public limited company and became known as HK Infoware Limited(privately held)


E-Governance Project
For the Treasury and Pension department of the Government of Sikkim, India.


Silver independent software vendor
Became the Silver independent software vendor using Microsoft technologies.


Guest Tracking System
A software application developed for the hospitality industry in Siliguri city of West Bengal.


Launch of HK Star
Desktop based Hotel Management software application targeted towards small and medium scale hotels.


Certificate from Institute of Hotel Management, Sikkim
Awarded a certificate for installing HK Star in the institute and imparting training to the faculty and students on its use.


CIO Review recognition
The company is recognized in Annual Roll of Honor as one of the 20 Most Promising Travel & Hospitality Solution Providers.


Launch of Tulip Desk
Cloud based School Management software application for effective administration of the new age educational institutions.


LMS module added to Tulip Desk
To facilitate online video learning and exams during the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Our Vision is to evolve and grow as a prominent Software product and services provider in India with a global footprint! We are committed to earn our customers’ loyalty and patronage through continual improvement of all our work processes driven by Integrity, Innovation and Teamwork.


Our mission is to provide cost-effective, efficient and flexible Software Products and Services of high quality, which deliver long term commercial benefits to our customers based on their key business requirements.


At HKIL, we value our commitment and the trust of our clients and stakeholders. We constantly strive for innovation, excellence, dedication and timely delivery to earn the respect of our clients. At the same time, we do our best to ensure a challenging, yet rewarding and motivating environment for all our team members.

Quality Policy

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

It takes a lot of research and development, planning, technology upgrade and hard work to maintain superior quality of a product or service. At HKIL, we believe in customer satisfaction as the ultimate reward for our efforts,and we achieve that through consistent delivery of high quality products and services in an efficient, cost-effective and timely manner. We pursue continual improvement of all our work processes to meet the expectations of our customers in terms of quality, reliability and service.


HKIL is constantly expanding its eco system by forging alliances with global technology giants and organizations, bringing forth synergy in technology and domain expertise, without losing its focus. After the company’s successful journey for over three decades, the focus area of its future growth is now EDtech and Hospitality industries.

And, with each sincere effort, HKIL is paving its path block by block towards that growth and expansion.

Awards and Certifications

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BANCAL, launched in 1988, was essentially a ‘Banking Calculator’ and also referred to as such. It had a microchip at its heart and was an efficient device to aid and streamline back-office automation for the banking processes.

With the launch of BANCAL, HKIL entered into the development of automation in banking sector of India. This ushered the company into a new era of growth in the Indian Banking sector. The product was the first and only one of its kind and made entry into the banking industry at a time when the concept of organized computing was yet to come.

This enabled the banks to significantly improve their efficiency levels by automating functions like interest calculations, ledger postings, report generation, etc.

BANCAL was truly ahead of its times as no significant automation initiatives were there for the Banking Industry till then. As a result, it was commissioned by almost all the reputed banking establishments in the country. It was a huge success and sold 1,00,000 units till the advent of the new generation personal computers.



Banksoft was the first software solution developed as a product by HK Infoware in 1995 for the banking sector. This product provided integrated online and real time processing of data which helped the banks to significantly improve the speed and quality of their customer services.

This server independent software was highly secure and could be configured with most database servers and operating system platforms of that time, making it very flexible and convenient for operation. Moreover, it provided a total branch automation (TBA) solution to the banks which benefitted them immensely in their back-office processes and in their customer relationship. This opened a new realm of banking experience for the bank staff as well as the customers.

Banksoft had a very successful track record in various Nationalized Banks, Gramin Banks (RRBs), Co-operative Banks and Credit Societies across the country. It entered the Indian market at a time when the banking sector was ushering into a new world of competition, total automation, security of data, fast and efficient customer service and expansion of branch network.

With the technical skill and industry experience of a highly efficient team at one hand and strategic alliances with other solution providers at the other, HKIL has commissioned many turnkey projects in Banking Automation successfully, like:

  • Banksoft Total Branch Automation (TBA)
  • Head Office Automation
  • Any Branch Banking
  • ATM Switch
  • Card Management Software
  • 24 X 7 Delivery Channels

Banksoft achieved about 4000 installations across the length and breadth of the country, and was able to build up a loyal customer base in banking sector till 2007 when the Core Banking concept came into being.