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Today’s educational institutions are no longer just classrooms with tables, chairs, pens, papers, chalks and black boards. They are the grooming places for the next generation managers, academicians, businessmen and more importantly, better human beings. These institutions have very different philosophy and approach, which takes into account each and every factor that contributes to the overall personality development of tomorrow’s generation. Therefore, today’s curriculum covers much more than mere bare minimum academic subjects and therefore, calls for better management of the educational institutions, be it providing resources for better learning experience or efficiently and effectively managing the existing resources. As is the case in other spheres, the obvious answer for better results is “Automation"

Tulip desk is a tailor made product conceptualized and designed for the new age Educational institutions. The product takes cognizance of two broad perspectives – first, the growth of the institution negotiating the economic challenges of today and secondly, enhancing social cohesion and grooming global citizens of tomorrow. 

Modules in Tulip desk

  • Student Admission
  • Student Information System
  • Curriculum
  • Fees
  • Attendance
  • Lesson Plan
  • Virtual Class
  • Library
  • Stores
  • Transportation
  • Hostel
  • Payroll
  • Financials