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HKIL is committed to deliver significant value in every customer engagement. This commitment and the quality of delivery have given the Company an impressive customer base in its more than two decades of operations. This continues to grow with HKIL spreading its operations to new geographical areas.

The products and solutions developed and implemented by HKIL have proved themselves as very efficient tools and they are constantly upgraded and updated by our R&D team located at Kolkata. This is to achieve high levels of operational efficiencies and to ensure that they are in harmony with the latest technological and system advances. This also ensures better value to our customers.

HKIL’s products are supported by a fully functional and alert customer support system, who we believe is our greatest asset, is continuously striving to achieve the organizational goal of attaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and customer confidence. This makes HKIL a trusted name as a Software Solutions Provider.

HKIL’s esteemed customers – A partial list:

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